Newcastle Knights Distance Themselves From Half-Back Ryan Stig’s Homophobic Rant

Somewhere in between the time he finished writing the following unhinged drivel at 8:53AM and posting it to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram shortly after at 9:21AM, sidelined Newcastle Knights half-back Ryan Stig overcame his good Christian convictions to love thy neighbour and not be a dick in favour of pointing out all the hard work Satan is putting into making a covenant between recently passed same sex marriage laws and the Unseen Realms Of The Demonic, which – though haters would beg to differ – is not the ACT. Classic Satan: tireless campaigner for equality. 
Both today’s Herald and The ABC are reporting that the Knights have now distanced themselves from Stig following his now notorious iPhone note rant and the inevitable backlash arising whenever a public figure with some variant of their name after an @ likens homosexuality – apparently an example of “distortion of design” – to alcoholism and a “demonic”, “politically correct charade” or “spiritual disease”. 

The Newcastle Knights acknowledge comments issued by Ryan Stig on Wednesday, October 23rd,” a Knights spokesman said in a statement.

The Newcastle Knights does not discriminate against any person or race whether they are a player, supporter or employee within our organisation. 

We offer equal opportunities for any person to play a role in our Club and do not support the views of Ryan Stig.”
It’s cool though, guys, because, if you’ll note above, Ryan Stig “for one has gay people [he] calls [his] friends.”
Not anymore you don’t, buddy.
Not anymore.
Photo by Robert Cianflone via Getty