The Socceroos managed to pull off a highly respectable draw against Denmark in last night’s pool stage clash at the FIFA World Cup, keeping our hopes of progressing through to the next round alive. But through it all punters across the globe have one prevailing question for coach Bert van Marwijk: Where the bloody hell is Tim Cahill?

Sure, he’s old as shit and hasn’t played a solid 90 minutes of football in the hottest of hot minutes. But despite this, the greatest player Australia’s ever produced has remained bench-bound throughout the two games thus far.

Sure, Australia’s managed to keep the dream alive thanks to a couple of boneheaded handballs and the sure foot of Mile Jedinak, but on the biggest stage of them all, surely there’s room for Cahill to pinch hit and help send us to the promised land?

The experts, much like me last night posted up at the bar about 6 pints deep, were baffled.

As for the general punters, the peanut gallery if you will, the sentiment was a little coarser, but no less bemused.

‘Course all this said, the stage is now set:

Australia vs Peru. 10 minutes left. Socceroos in desperate need of a goal to advance.

Mates, it’s coming.

Real soon.

Timmy Time.

Timmy. Time.

Image: Getty Images / Michael Steele