Mick Fanning Goes Deep On Rough 2015 In First Interview Since Hiatus

If there’s anyone who’s more than earned a little time off, it’s Mick Fanning. After having an extremely rough 2015 on a personal level, Fanning recently announced that he’d be taking some time away from pro surfing in 2016.

Fanning’s time off from the rigours of touring life will be focused on what he’s calling “a personal year,” with the focus more on the homefront and his family, as well as the Balter Brewery – the new craft beer brewery he’s preparing to open on the Gold Coast with fellow-surfers Joel Parkinson and Bede Dubridge.
Fanno appeared on Sunrise earlier this morning in an “exclusive” interview; his first major media appearance since making the announcement to step away.
He described how emotionally drained he felt after the tough 2015, but also made note that this was not a retirement; rather, a temporary sabbatical. Not only is he seemingly keen to return to the pro-circuit, but he has a strong desire to return to J-Bay, the site of his now-infamous shark attack.

Bloody cheers, Fanno. Here’s to you, and a refreshing 2016.

Source: Sunrise/Twitter.