Michelle Jenneke Is Still The Sha-wing King

Michelle Jenneke looks to be well on her way to out Lolo-ing Lolo Jones in the fame-not-related-to-hurdling-prowess stakes. For those of you who’ve had your head in the sand or have an aversion to babein sports stars, the 19 year-old hurdler became the sport meme of the year after her titillating pre-race warm up nearly broke the internet.  

Jenneke continues to blow-up state side with the Americans lapping up good looks and disarming personality. Running 3rd behind Sally Pearson in the 2011 national champs, the up and coming sprinter still has a ways to go before she is a world force on the track but that hasn’t dulled her commercial appeal in the slightest having most recently stared in a much publicised Cosby Sweaters campaign.

Her Cosby gig is not the only public appearance for Janneke of late, as she’s also recently appeared on the cool-shit-you’ve-probably-already-seen web-TV show What’s Trending. Co-hosted by so-hot-right-now (on his own youtube channel) Flula, Janneke was invited in for a meme orgy of sorts as she was coaxed into trying her hand at replicating internet hits Gangnam Style, Beyonce’s Single Ladies, Soulja Boy’s Crank Dat and, of course, The Dougie. Given the terrifyingly awkward premise, Janneke actually escapes the ordeal unscathed. Her Dougie is a particularly cold shower worthy moment. Wow.