A Melbourne AFL Player Is Being Investigated Over An Alleged Sexual Assault

Victoria Police and the AFL have confirmed investigations have been made into an alleged sexual assault involving a Melbourne Football Club player that occurred in September.

The incident took place in Bali, with Police receiving the report on October 2nd.

A spokesperson for Victoria Police confirmed they were aware of the incident, but the alleged victim has – at this stage – not taken matter further. Police advised them that the incident would be a matter for Indonesian authorities.

On October 2 Victoria Police received a report about an alleged sexual offence that occurred in Bali in September this year. Police have spoken to the complainant however the complainant has not engaged investigators further and a formal statement has not been made.

The complainant was advised that primacy of the investigation will sit with Indonesian authorities. Victoria Police’s priority is the victim’s safety and welfare. They are always in control of what happens next.

The reality is that some victims come to us to have their story heard, but they may not want to go through the process of a court case. We want victims to receive the assistance they deserve — whether that be from us or from support services.

The Melbourne Football Club confirmed it was aware of the allegations, and has referred the matter to the AFL’s Integrity Unit for further investigation.

The Melbourne Football Club is aware of allegations involved with the player and the club has referred the matter to the AFL Integrity Unit. The Melbourne Football Club will fully co-operate with the process and while this is undertaken the club will make no further comment in response to the matter.

This referral is in line with the league’s recently bolstered respect and responsibilities policy, which includes concrete guidelines for clubs and the AFL in regards to offences against women.

The AFL’s Integrity Unit has not issued an official comment at this time.