A Former Matilda Revealed Her Pay For The 2015 World Cup & It Was Genuinely Laughable

Former Matilda Michelle Heyman has dished on the pay she received for making the FIFA Women’s World Cup quarter final in 2015 and it genuinely sounded like a joke.

While being interviewed by Hamish McDonald on The Project spilled the tea on the alarmingly cooked situation.

“You got into the quarter finals after knocking out Brazil,” McDonald began. “How much did you take home as a result of that tournament?”

“You really wanna know?” replied Heyman. “So it was the big seven hundred and fifty dollars.”

“Seriously?” balks a mystified McDonald.

“Yeah, it wasn’t anything good back then. It’s nice to see a little bit of change in the last eight years. But yeah, that’s what we all brought home each.”

Heyman went on to spill that female footballers are paid “four to five times less” than their male counterparts for playing in the World Cup.

She noted that when people stop her in the street to gush about the success of the current Matildas squad, she felt as though she has to “knock them down a little bit” and explain the actual financial sitch.

“There’s still zero equality in the game”.

The 35-year-old first played international football in 2010 and called it quits in 2019, so she played during a time when the Matildas weren’t nearly as commercially successful as they’ve become in the year 2023.

I mean, the Tillies literally broke a TV viewership record with 6.5 million sets of eyeballs glued to their screens during their recent game against Denmark. This number was even higher than the stat from last year’s AFL and NRL grand finals.

Despite this, $750 still would’ve seemed like a massive slap in the face. Especially considering the blood sweat and tears Heyman and her team would’ve put in to get to that level.

Do better @ FIFA!

The Matildas quarter final game against France will be broadcast on Saturday August 12 at 5pm AEST.