Bloody Hell, Cop A Load Of Mason Cox’s Absolutely Mangled Accent On ESPN

No one’s suggesting that he should’ve held onto his OG tone for the amount of time he’s been living out here, but good lord, hanging around a professional Australian rules football club for the better part of 5 years straight has done an absolute number on Mason Cox‘s accent. And lord, he put it on full display during a TV cross at an NFL game earlier today.

[jwplayer Bj2KDFA8]

The Collingwood big man and Dallas native is currently back home visiting family during the AFL off-season, and coach Nathan Buckley just-so-happens to be over there with him right now.

Earlier today, the duo took in the Dallas Cowboys/Philadelphia Eagles clash at AT&T Stadium, which included a little pre-match media duty thanks to a quick live cross with the Sportscenter team on ESPN.

While the questions themselves are more than a bit naff – particularly one where they relate the bigness of Cox to the bigness of the screen inside the stadium and get him to just… react to that – it’s Mason’s accent which’ll draw the most wrinkled brows, what with it sounding less like “Yankee living in Australia for half a decade” now as it does more “pissed fuckhead in a clothes basket being pushed down some stairs.”

I tell you, you move to a place and you swear you’ll never lose your original accent, but then you start doing a half-baked impression of the native tongue when ordering pizza on the phone because “it’s easier,” and then it just goes to complete shit.