Man Catches Home Run While Holding Baby To Become Most Powerful Dad Alive

Some Dads were born great. Other Dads have greatness thrust upon them. And some Dads – one Dad every so often – attain such powerful levels of greatness that all Dads before them can do naught but kneel in reverent fear.

To wit, we present unto you: This bloke. The newly crowned King of Dads.

[jwplayer ufxzSg8Y]

Sitting in the stands in an otherwise uneventful Major League Baseball game between the hometown Philadelphia Phillies and the visiting Los Angeles Dodgers, this hero, this champion, this lord among lords, saw his moment in the sun thrown upon him thanks to a looping swat from Phillies third baseman Maikel Franco that soared into the right field stands.

Cradling a newborn baby – presumably his – in his left arm, and with the Home Run ball drifting to that side of his body, most men would be content to simply ensure the small child remains safe and cheer on their childless seatmates in their attempts to reel in the catch.

Not this guy.

Not this guy.

Incredible. Simply incredible stuff, that only gets better the more you watch it.

That’s a back-handed, bare mitt catch; instinctively pivoting his body to extend the right hand out, all while manoeuvring the child out of the way of errant hands and flying beer from the surrounding areas.

It sticks dead centre of the right hand. No juggling. No bobble. No two grabs at it. Whammy. Straight in.

He does it blind-sided; he twists his body away from the path of the ball. The ball even drops through a coat, tossed into the air by some asshole three rows in front in an attempt to knock the ball down.

And he does all of this while cradling a child who, judging by the size of it, was probably still in the womb when the game started.

This isn’t just peak Dad. This is Ultimate Dad.

The Dad of Dads. The one true Weekend Warrior.

None greater. None surpass. All hail the mighty Old Man.