A couple of days ago, those of you clued in to all things football might’ve seen this photo of Collingwood star James Aish and his partner, Olympic 400m runner Morgan Mitchell doing the rounds.

Aish and Mitchell were arriving at Aish’s teammate Tyson Goldsack‘s wedding in the Adelaide CBD, amid what appears to be reasonably heavy rain.

The fact that Aish was carrying an umbrella above only him, and not holding it above Mitchell as well, prompted howls of reaction from the masses, with many media organisations running pieces calling Aish out for his apparent lack of chivalry. The Adelaide Advertiser, for example, asserted that Aish “appeared more concerned with keeping himself dry, rather than protecting his girlfriend,” and that she “seemed less than impressed as they entered the venue.

Scorching stuff, truly.

Many on social media were quick to point out numerous facts, including (but not limited to): that Mitchell was likely walking on an undercover part of the footpath, that her hair was quite clearly dry, that the door was literally about a metre or two away from where the photo was taken, and that in a swathe of Instagram posts they appear to be sickeningly happy.

Collingwood themselves poked a little bit of fun at the whole thing at the time…

…but it was Aish who’s put the whole thing to bed with easily the best response you could ever have hoped to come up with.

An Instagram photo from late yesterday shows the pair sweating it out on a pair of treadmills, with Aish making doubly sure the (very much inside) umbrella is well and truly over Mitchell’s head this time around.

Rain, hail or shine…. Or under cover ?? #tysandchelstietheknot

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Well played, young man. Well bloody played indeed.

And just for the record, we weren’t kidding about the “sickeningly happy” thing. They look damned well adorable together, and are going a long way towards scoring the “best rigged couple” award for the year.

the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice.

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Holy moly.

Source: James Aish/Instagram.