Melbourne’s Lygon St has erupted with flares (and Italians) on Monday morning after Italy won the Euro 2021 final against England.

Italy officially took the gong at 7:55am, local time, but punters had already been lighting up the main drag through the Italian suburb of Carlton since the buttcrack of dawn.

The Age reports that spectators guzzled coffee all morning, and that parking was impossible to find for many blocks.

Police arrived at the scene to control the crowds but, despite reports, firefighters didn’t show up to put out the flares.

Thousands of people celebrated for hours, late into the morning. The footage speaks for itself:

Even the ABC’s live cross got caught up in all the ruckus.

Reporter Stephanie Ferrier described what went down on Lygon St the moment Italy won.

“It was insane, everybody went absolutely crazy,” she said.

“The flares were going off as soon as it happened, in the middle of the crowds.

“I don’t know how people haven’t actually been hurt, but clearly people are used to this kind of thing over here.”

By around 9:30am, fans had cleared off the road but continued to celebrate on the footpaths, as well as in Cartlon’s Piazza Italia.

Nature is healing, Italians are setting off flares. It’s a beautiful sight.

Mamma – and I cannot stress this enough – mia.

Image: Getty Images / Darrian Traynor