College Football’s Newest Hero Is A Tatted-Up Brick Shithouse From Mandurah

It’s incredibly funny that American football scouts have only recently discovered Australia: an entire nation of ready-made punters. Picture the absolute state of the scenes at the first meeting where someone went “There’s this mythical land across the seas where large lads can kick a ball across the horizon” and was howled out of the room. Whoever that was is clearly laughing now, because college football has a new cult hero in the form of punter Louis Hedley, an absolute fucking unit who just signed to one of the biggest college teams in the United States.

[jwplayer 0k8dXrMR]

Hedley had the distinction of being the first person to commit to a college football side this year by virtue of the annual US College Signing Day beginning in Australia earlier than it did in the US (time zones and such, you see).

He signed with the perennially big Miami Hurricanes side, and in doing so became the instant focus of the college football world due to the fact that he is, well… jacked as shit.

Hedley’s path to football glory is a little unconventional for American audiences, but pretty familiar for Australians.

The 24-year-old was born in Mandurah and tried making a career playing AFL. When that fell through, he took a job working as a FIFO scaffolder before linking up with ProKick, a group that prepares ex-footy players for a career shift to American football.

He played one season with junior college side City College of San Francisco, before signing with the rebuilding Hurricanes late yesterday.

At 24 he’s a little bit older than most kids committing to college sides on signing day, and his intimidating size has more than caught the eye of footy pundits across the pond.

And to answer the 215-pound question still lingering: Yes, he can kick.

The large lad can kick.

Big. Kicky.