Sorry, But LeBron Definitely Won’t Be Here For The Boomers Vs Team USA Game

Look, it was always a little bit of a pipe dream, but at least now we know for sure: LeBron James will definitely not be coming to Australia for the two-game exhibition series between the Boomers and Team USA.

It was absolutely never assured, but LeBron confirmed that he won’t be joining the US national team for the World Cup in China, essentially also ruling himself out for the clash at Marvel Stadium on August 22 and 24.

There’s been wide speculation that LeBron would sit out the World Cup after the Lakers missed the NBA post-season, but he is now saying that he never intended to join the squad anyway.

“I love everything about [coach Gregg Popovich], obviously, but this is not a good summer for me,” he told The Athletic. He is not ruling out a possible showing at the Olympics in 2020.

“It depends on how I feel,” James said. “I love the Olympics.”

This week, the Los Angeles Lakers announced that LeBron would be sitting out the rest of his first season with the team, ostensibly to give him a head start with healing a groin injury which has troubled him in recent months.

“After consulting with our team doctors and medical staff, we have decided to hold LeBron out of games for the remainder of the season,” a statement read.

This is LeBron’s first significant injury of his career. But it does not even remotely compare to the injury of our hearts, in knowing for sure that he will not take to the court in Marvel Stadium. Vale!