Kyrgios Managed To Get A Dickhead Fan Kicked Out During His & Kokkinakis’ Win Last Night


Late last night, doubles tennis team Nick Kyrgios and Thanasi Kokkinakis took out their first-ever grand slam win at the 2022 Australian Open. However, despite the unreal vibes on the court – there was a slight dampener in the form of a dickhead fan.

Kyrgios and Kokkinakis, who have become known as the “Special K’s” during this year’s tournament followed up the success of fellow Aussie Ash Barty who also had a giant win last night in front of her home crowd. Barty became the first woman in 44 years to claim the Aus Open trophy and we bloody love her for it.

The Special K’s doubles win was also a historical match – it was the first time in 42 years that both teams playing in the final were Aussie. The unlucky second-place Aussies were Matthew Ebden and Max Purcell who we ALSO stan but to a slightly lesser degree.

However, this historical game had to be stopped for five minutes after a fan deliberately yelled out multiple times just as Purcell was about to serve in what appeared to be an attempt to put him off.

The chair umpire then voiced a warning to the packed stadium:

“I think everybody is enjoying the match, so please, one or two spectators are totally ruining the game by screaming,” Damien Dumusois said. Such a warning is a big change from the usual “quiet please” you often hear umpires say.

Regardless, Kyrgios was unsatisfied by this response and took things a step further, pointing to the dickhead and their group of mates.

Security guards then proceeded to kick the offenders out as the crowd cheered them for doing so.

…And yes, you guessed it, another (more well-behaved) fan uploaded the footage from their seat a few rows back. Fk yeah.


Not ideal 👋🏾🎾 #closeyourrings #tennis #ausopen

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The internet absolutely lapped up the irony of Kyrgios finally getting someone kicked out. For the entire tournament, Kyrgios and Kokkinakis have branded themselves as the party boys of tennis who take great pride in getting the crowd hyped up.

In a previous post-match interview, Kokkinakis invited fans thinking about attending their next game to “sink piss and come here … The rowdier the better from everyone, honestly”. Poetry in motion.

Aussie tennis players have earned a big celebration after their efforts at both winning trophies AND teaching yappy fans a lesson.  It truly is party time but something makes me think we don’t need to tell Kokkinakis that.