Handball King Kevin Rudd Has Returned To The Quad To Once Again Destroy Children

It’s been a minute since schoolyard quads lived in fear of Kevin Rudd, the one true handball king, but he’s made his triumphant return to the four squares of war at Christian Brothers in Sydney’s Lewisham this week to serve out some screamers, send a bunch of kids straight into dunce, and weave his way around dogshots aplenty.

Footage has emerged this week of the former Prime Minister and handball champion of the country dealing out fire shots from his throne in the ace square, while what looks like most of the school cheers him on. The Australian Open might be done but this is where the real competition begins.

It’s the first time the serve demon has stepped into the squares of battle since he absolutely decimated Rove McManus in a best-of-three, and was then put through his paces in the handball championship league at Marist College in North Sydney.

We can only hope that he’s spent the last six months honing his technique, perfecting his death rolls, knowing how to challenge interference and grabs, and training his voice so he can shout “HACK IT OR LEAVE” with such strength it sends his opponents cowering in fear.

Check out the video below, and watch in awe as King Kev masterfully baits a kid into sending over a dogshot that turns into an immediate out. You love to see it, folks.

Can we challenge Kevin Rudd to a handball competition at the Pedestrian.TV offices already? We’ll get the masking tape out and mark out the squares.