Ever wanted to see what an IRL version of an NBA Jam player holding a flaming basketball after netting three buckets in a row would look like? Cop this.

Cleveland‘s oft-maligned but still reasonably mercurial Kevin Love somehow walked on to the court today thinking he was wearing a Minnesota Timberwolves jersey, because he wound-back the clock to some real Wolves-like form against the Portland Trail Blazers.

Now, it should be stated that during the first quarter of the game, the Blazers were apparently trying out a new play scheme called “no defence whatsoever.”

Even still, Love caught fire quicker than a pile of balsa wood in a matchstick factory, dropping a staggering 34 – THIRTY FOUR – points by himself in the first quarter alone.

That’s the highest individual points tally for a first quarter in NBA history. In fact, it falls only 3-points shy of the highest individual points tally for any quarter in NBA history, now sitting second to Klay Thompson‘s 3rd quarter effort of 37 against Sacramento last year.

It’s the most points in a single quarter by any Cavs player ever, and matches his previous game-high total for Cleveland. In a quarter. One lone quarter. Unreal.

Love managed the feat off a bonkers 11-14 FG shooting, sinking 8 of 10 from beyond 3-point range. That’s video game-level shit.

And that’s not to mention the fact that LeBron James ploughed ahead after the first quarter and put up a lazy triple-double as well.

Love sunk a total of 40 points for the game, which the Cavs wound up running away with 137-125. 

Un. Bloody. Real.

Source: NBA.com.

Photo: Mitchell Leff/Getty.