Here’s NBA Star Kevin Durant Putting A Lippy Fan Back In Their Fkn Box

It’s a bit of a weird season for Kevin Durant at the moment.

The star Golden State Warriors forward is the subject of continuous speculation that he will opt into Free Agency at the conclusion of the 2018-19 NBA season and will subsequently leave the Golden State Warriors side he’s called home for the past two-and-a-bit years.

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Fuelling that is an apparent rift inside the Warriors locker room that boiled over onto the court a few days ago thanks to a heated and ugly argument between Durant and his teammate, Draymond Green.

Combine that with a string of poor recent form that’s seen the juggernaut side win just 2 out of their past 7 games, and you’d have to forgive old mate for having a dwindling supply of patience.

So when a fan in an expensive courtside seat decides to get chirpy, it was probably never going to take much more than that to set him off.

During this past weekend’s Warriors game against the Dallas Mavericks – one the Warriors would lose 112-109 – a fan sitting courtside said *something* that seems to have set him off, because Durant came back firing.

In footage captured by fans sitting nearby, Durant strides up to the offending area, leans every bit of his 6’9″ frame right down close, and demands the fan “watch the fucking game and shut the fuck up.”

WOOF that is spicy.

While the Warriors didn’t win the game, Durant still managed to drop a casual game-high 32-points. So the lesson here is reasonably simple: Do not heckle athletes if you’re sitting where they can hear you.

It never, ever ends well.