Kelly Slater Wins 11th World Title

Graphic designers in the world of surfing will be falling over themselves today. Ever since the day Kelly Slater won his 10th ASP World Title almost a year ago to the day, surf-loving type geeks have been mocking it up: Slater, 11 times World Champ, almost as though he had been named for it…

Today that graphic (above) was published on the Quiksilver website after Slater claimed an insurmountable lead in the World Title race at the Rip Curl Pro in San Francisco. The one at the top of the post was slapped together by our designer buddy Andru a few months back when it looked like Slater’s chances of winning another title were all but signed, sealed and delivered.

Now Slater has delivered. At 39-years of age he has put himself in a position where – at least for 2011 – no one can touch him. And that includes current second place holder Owen Wright, up-and-coming Australian hero who, at just 21, is literally young enough for Kelly to have fathered him. Weird.

Slater’s victory has been all the more historic because it fell on the one year anniversary of the death of long-time rival and friend Andy Irons. Slater said “It obviously makes it a lot more special for me. It’s a way to celebrate and remind us of him. He’s been on our minds … I wrote a story for him this morning of some of my memories of Andy. I could probably write a book.”

Andy’s long-time sponsor Billabong have also paid tribute to his memory a year on. Watch below.