JR Smith To Be Traded To The Moon After Forgetting The Score In The NBA Finals

LeBron James is absolutely going to bash JR Smith.

James has been hauling the group of stringless puppets he calls teammates through the NBA Playoffs virtually by himself, putting up an inhuman effort to get the Cleveland Cavaliers into the NBA Finals in what’s more or less been a solo effort.

All his teammates have to do is stand on the court and remember what the score is.

That’s it.

That’s all they have to do.

Remember what the score is.


JR Smith.

Jesus christ mate what the fuck.

Just for added context there: JR Smith fielded an offensive rebound after George Hill missed the second of two free throws with 4.7 seconds remaining in regulation and the scores tied. Then instead of making a play for the basket, Smith yoinks the ball out of the arc and high-tails it towards the centre line because he FORGOT WHAT THE SCORE WAS AND THOUGHT CLEVELAND WAS IN FRONT.

They were not.

The game went to overtime.

And the Warriors bodied them to blow it out to a 124 – 114 win in Game 1 of the Finals.

We’re not kidding either, JR Smith did not know what the score was.

Look at this.


I thought we were ahead.” Holy shit. Holy SHIT.

LeBron, as you’d imagine, was pissed. Not only did the error cost the Cavs a chance at a game winner, but LeBron is now the only player in NBA history to drop 50+ points in an NBA Final matchup and lose.


In troubled times like this, all we can do is go to the meme factory. And mates, it did not disappoint.



Unreal scenes, all up and down. Unbelievable stuff.

There’s a lesson in all this: Keep your head up, and just let LeBron James do his thing.

It’s worked so far.