John Cena Stopped A Live WWE Raw Broadcast For A Marriage Proposal

The stands of Chicago’s Allstate Arena are probably not the most romantic of settings. But hey, love conquers all. Including partial view seats.

So if you’re as keen on pro graps as you are on your boyf/girlf/significant other, and WWE‘s broadcasting behemoth that is Monday Night Raw is about to roll through town, why not take your chances and pop the question in the middle of the show?
Spring for a couple of decent-ish seats. Take your beau along. Somehow manage to create a “SHE SAID YES” sign and sneak it all the way into the building without her seeing it, endure the first hour-or-so of the show until John Cena emerges to defend his United States Championship in an open challenge, and then get down on one knee.
What happens? You get a fiance. The crowd cottons on to what’s happening and goes absolutely boonta for you. And John Cena stops the show – which is going live to air across the globe – to give you a big ole’ shout out.
[Editor’s Note: Video has since been deleted]
That, right there, is a tick in every box.
Better still? Shortly after this the crowd started a New Day-style “SHE. SAID YES.” chant.
Genius like that can’t be taught, friends.
via Uproxx.