John Cena Copped A Brutal, Legitimate Broken Nose Live On “Monday Night RAW”

The fine art of professional wrestling is certainly not without its pitfalls. Injuries are a very real risk inside the ring, and do occur more often than you’d think.

But the best wrestlers are consummate performers, and will often refuse to stop a match because of injury.
Case in point, extremely large human being and WWE posterboy for the better part of a decade John Cena, who for all the jeering and criticism that he attracts from some of the more hardcore fans (i.e. largely everyone above the age of 12), still warrants admiration for the effort put in in carrying on when others wouldn’t.
On today’s edition of Monday Night RAW – being broadcast live across the globe from Oklahoma City – Cena wrestled the main event against WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins with Cena’s United States Championship on the line.
Late in the match, a knee from Rollins connected squarely with Cena’s face which – not to put too fine a point on it – splattered John’s nose right across his face.
Despite the very obviously broken nose, he continued the match. It’s brutal stuff.

Cena even went on to win the match. Via submission. Over the World Heavyweight Champion. Because of course he did.

But despite that head-scratching result, there’s definitely comfort to be taken in watching him get his face kneed in. Again. And again.
And again and again and again.
Photo: Paul Morigi via Getty Images.