Joe Ingles Shared A Photo Of The Food From Inside The NBA Bubble & It Has Big Fyre Fest Energy

For better or worse (probably worse) the NBA is slowly worming its way towards a return date at the end of the month, with players and officials from the 22 teams participating entering the “Bubble” hub in Orlando this week to recommence training. Australia’s own Joe Ingles, star agitator of the Utah Jazz, is one of them. And he’s marked the occasion by sharing a pic of the food he’s being given inside the bubble. It ah… leaves a little to be desired.

In what can only be described as a dish with enormous Fyre Festival energy, Ingles plate appears to contain a handful of fries, some sort of sloppy green soup or possibly a salsa, rice with tomato skins (??) and a corn-and-bean medley that looks about as inspiring as it sounds.

Joe what the fuck is going on there, mate. Is everything alright? Is this a cry for help? What’s the g-o here, my dude.

Making it all the more strange is the fact that meal looks suspiciously half-eaten, which – if Joe has taken a photo of his leftovers and posted it online – heralds the start of an all-new and very powerful genre of Dad posting.

That deeply poor offering is, remarkably enough, not limited to Ingles alone. NBA players that have entered the bubble have also begun sharing photos of the food on offer, and the bleak spreads are apparently universal.

Even the slightly “fancier” offerings have profound Mutton Dressed As Lamb vibes to them.

The NBA, it should be noted, has clarified the food policy inside the Bubble, asserting that players will be given slightly more enticing options once they complete an initial 48-hour quarantine and no longer require food to be delivered directly to hotel rooms on trays.

Still, given the standard of the above and the volume of players entering the bubble, it’s a real matter of time before we get this kinda situation on our hands.

Hopefully the Evian water will somewhat easier to procure, but.