As the election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump runs closer and closer to the finishing line, it’s becoming easier to just be completely swallowed up with American news. But hey, why should we focus on our friends across the pond when we can focus on the times that they visited Australia and were confused out of their minds?

We simply must take our minds back to when Joe Biden was Vice President to Barack Obama, and came down to the MCG before a game of footy. It’s a moment in history lost in the annals of time, but it’s a golden moment nonetheless.

Throughout the clip, Biden awkwardly holds a footy, shakes the hands of people that he absolutely does not know, and then parades with his very own Carlton jersey that said “Biden.” It has to be noted that Carlton did in fact go on to lose so, let’s just hope that isn’t a bad omen.

During this entire experience, it is painfully clear that he has no idea where he is, or what he’s doing, but he sure makes fun of his time there regardless. Biden, of course, was not just in Australia to watch the footy, he was also here to tour a brand new medical centre.

Despite half of the footage being an ad, the first half is simply mesmerising. Plus “The VP at the ‘G” as a title makes me chuckle.

At the time of writing, Joe Biden is on a good track to become President of the United States, with 264 electoral votes under his belt next to Donald Trump’s 214.

Despite early poll predictions claiming that there would possibly be a massive landslide victory for Biden, it hasn’t really played out that way, proving that America does in fact like Trump a lot more than we originally assumed.

Sportsbet has already called a Joe Biden victory in the election, paying out close to $23 million for punters who put money on him taking home the presidency. Naturally, this hasn’t exactly happened yet, but Sportsbet is super confident that it will, which is something.

We’re currently doing a state-by-state rolling guide to how every state in America is going, if that’s your thing, because this long slog is not over yet. You can catch the live play right HERE.

Now it’s time for me to wander back into the election results with the same face that Joe Biden made when holding a footy. Pure confusion.