AFL Player Jesse Hogan Fined $8,000 For Breaching Quarantine To Cop A Big Ole’ Root

AFL star Jesse Hogan has been slapped with an $8,000 for breaching Western Australia’s strict coronavirus regulations after he defied quarantine restrictions to ah… break a dry spell.

Hogan, a member of the Fremantle Football Club playing group, had a conviction recorded this afternoon at Fremantle Magistrates Court on charged of Failure To Comply With A Direction.

The story goes that Jesse Hogan returned to Western Australia from the Queensland-based AFL hub on September 21st after the Dockers’ 2020 season wrapped up. Per special arrangements between Fremantle and the WA Government, Hogan was required to quarantine at home for 14 days.

On September 22nd – quite literally the next day – Hogan breached those quarantine requirements twice by having a female guest enter his house two times. And yes, it’s for the reason you think it is.

Per statements from Hogan’s lawyer Terry Dobson, the 25-year-old key forward “hadn’t been with any females in months,” due to being confined to the boundaries of the AFL player’s hub.

“He fell into a trap because of the attraction to the young lady… it was just a lapse in judgement from a fella who’s fairly youthful,” Dobson told the court.

On the night in question, Hogan is said to have texted the unidentified woman and invited her over, telling her not to park in the driveway for fear of being seen. After she arrived the first time, an argument between the pair broke out and she left. Hogan is said to have then followed her outside and convinced her to stay the night, owing to the fact that she could not drink and drive.

Police later attended Jesse Hogan’s Attadale home where the young gun made a full admission to the breaches. He was charged and turfed out of his home quarantine and forced to complete the remainder of it at a monitored hotel.

Flying home from a fully quarantined player’s hub and quite literally busting out self-isolation one day into it? And then freely admitting to the cops that you copped a big illegal root? $8,000 down the drain right there.