Jess Fox, Who Just Won Gold For Canoe Slalom, Has Tokyo’s 160,000 Free Condoms To Thank

Jess Fox

In some hornier Tokyo 2021 news: Aussie athlete Jess Fox, who just won gold for canoe slalom, said she used an Olympic Village condom to fix her damaged kayak. We love to see it, condom queen!

In a viral TikTok (for copyright reasons we can’t show the footage), Fox showed fans how to fix a damaged kayak with a carbon mixture and an Olympic Village condom. The TikTok even caught the attention of tabloids around the globe, including Buzzfeed.

Fox just won the C1 canoe slalom, with the fastest time of 105.04. In second place was Great Britain’s Mallory Franklin with 108.68 and Germany’s Andrea Herzog with 111.13.

Jess Fox
Jessica Fox reacts after her run in the Women’s Canoe Slalom Semi-final on day six of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games (Photo by Adam Pretty/Getty Images)

Fox also won bronze in the K1 class yesterday, an event that she was favoured to win gold in. Altogether, the Aussie champ has two bronze medals, one silver and one gold.

That condom actually saved the nose of her kayak before the K1 race, where she scored an incredible time of 106.73. So would it be bold of me to assume that a rubber actually helped Fox win gold today? I’m gonna say no it’s not.

Despite attempts to stop athletes from boning (read: anti-sex beds), Tokyo officials have still provided players with 160,000 dick-beanies and no, not each.

It’s actually an Olympic tradition, dating back to the 1988 Games in Seoul. This year is a little bit different though, because of our pesky little friend – COVID-19. To help curb the spread of the virus, any “unnecessary contact” is not allowed.

That of course then means there’s a lot of condoms, and not much use for them. That’s lucky for athletes like Jess Fox, who can use them to help her win Olympic gold instead.