Jenna Fischer Got One Over John Krasinski In The Great ‘Office’ Hockey War

Yesterday the cast of The Office got became horribly torn as a war between John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer raged over the glorious sport of ice hockey. While we all wish everyone would just kiss and make up, inevitably there had to be a winner; in a war as violent and bloody as that, there could only ever be one left standing. And that person, standing victorious, was Jenna Fischer.

Krasinski’s Boston Bruins faced off against Fischer’s St Louis Blues in the crucial seventh and final game of their NHL Stanley Cup Final series, with the Blues emerging victorious, securing their first-ever Stanley Cup in the process.

Prior to the game, Krasinski fired a shot at Fischer prior to yesterday’s game, inviting Pam Halpert‘s former beau Roy (aka David Denman) to the game in her place.

But after the Blues stomped the Bruins all up and down the ice, Fischer was the one who got to go home with Stanley, and she let Krasinski know about it on Instagram shortly after the game.

With St Louis’ post-game victory song – the 1982 Laura Branigan classic Gloria – blaring, Fischer quite literally had her cake and ate it too.

Really though, this just confirms the one universal Office truth we’ve all known since the moment the show premiered:

Pam > Jim.

Pam always > Jim.

Play Gloria!