And Next In Horror Injuries, Here’s A Vid Of A Gnarly Elbow Dislocation At The AFL

Jayden Short

In the wake of the gruesome footage of a US elite gymnast breaking not one but BOTH legs in a botched dismount over the weekend, it got me thinking about the horrific injury I witnessed with my own eyes at the AFL on Saturday when the GWS Giants hosted the Richmond Tigers at Sydney‘s Giants Stadium.

[jwplayer 9xhoIoYe]

It was a lovely day in Western Sydney, about 28 degrees with a light breeze, and I was sitting there minding my own business sipping a nice white wine when, out of nowhere, Tigers gun Jayden Short‘s elbow burst out of its designated area and bulged out of his arm as he landed awkwardly, and I nearly vomited neatly back into my plastic cup.

I am giving you fair warning now when I tell you this footage is absolutely graphic and decidedly gross, so if you are weak of stomach or clutchy of pearls, you might want to not click on this ever.

I think I just have to shoutout to Jayden Short here for still fighting to hit the ball away from the Giants WITH HIS LIMP DISLOCATED ARM. Tigers coach Damien Hardwick should be seriously grateful for that kind of dedication. I would have simply lay there screeching, which Short didn’t do at any point. In fact, he was very calm indeed.

After the injury occurred, Short ran from the field with his arm hanging limply at his side, which to be honest was almost as horrific to witness as the injury itself. He appeared on the bench shortly afterwards with his iced-up arm in a sling, obviously taking no further part in the game, which the home team ended up winning 19.11.125 to 10.16.76.

Richmond haven’t offered an update on Short’s condition, but it’s expected he could miss at least a week as he recovers. Sending healing vibes your way, mate. Rest up and never watch that footage of yourself, please.