NFL’s current obsession and Australian export Jarryd Hayne has survived a series of cuts from the San Francisco 49ers roster, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Hayne was safe amid six cuts announced overnight, as Isaac BlakeneyDarnell Dockett, Craig Dahl, Joe Looney, Patrick Miller and Philip Wheeler Read were all dropped from the team. 

Hayne may not be able to rest easy until Sunday afternoon, when a further sixteen cuts are announced.

Considering Hayne’s stand-out, headline-making performance during the three weeks the former Rugby star has been playing NFL professionally, there’s a fairly strong chance he’ll remain; if not – a future of making bank regardless is in his sights.

ICYMI, Jarryd Hayne latest on-field performance was no less stunning than his previous stints – as the Hayne Plane made an absolutely brutal landing against a San Diego Chargers defender yesterday.

Yesterday, NFL executive vice president of international, Mark Waller, praised Jarryd Hayne‘s breakout performance as one without precedence.

“I don’t think we’ve ever had a star of another sport make a transition… And I can’t imagine it will happen that often. I think it’s a testament to what an extraordinary athlete he is.”

And now, until tomorrow’s round of cuts in the 49ers roster is made official, we wait.

via SMH.
Lead image by Doug Pesinger via Getty.