Jarryd Hayne Goes HAM At Rumour-Mongering Media

The Australian media – of which we here at PEDESTRIAN.TV are a card-carrying member of – absolutely fucking loves them some Jarryd Hayne right now.

The not actually yet a San Francisco 49er has been lighting up pre-season fields in the NFL, and lighting up media outlets with in-depth coverage of his every move both on and off the field.
Again, in this regard, your pals here at PEDESTRIAN.TV are guilty as sin.
Hayne, for his part, has taken the veritable storm in pretty good stride, answering questions whenever microphones have been shoved under his nose (often) and not big-noting himself or creating any undue attention by bowing to speculation and innuendo; largely, he’s a true professional who’s happy to just be “one of the boys” in the Niners locker room.
And then someone goes and spoils it all by doing something stupid like publishing an article entirely based on rumour claiming inside knowledge of Hayne and his communications with his own family.
A rumour initially posted by a league gossip columnist – known as The Mole, if that even IS its real name – took one and one and came up with four in posting the original claim a couple of days ago.

This, employing the “educated guess” method of journalism, which relies on likely future outcomes to backdate accuracy.

The tweet was picked up on Bleacher Report‘s Team Stream app – a mobile RSS feed – and found its way to the eyes of Hayne himself.
And he Was. Not. Happy.

Whoever this damned “Mole” fool is, they’ve been sticking to their guns.


In the interests of transparency, here’s the upcoming schedule of major Jarryd Hayne stories for you to plan your media consumption accordingly.
TOMORROW: Jarryd plays final pre-season game against San Diego.
SUNDAY: Jarryd finds out if he’s a member of San Francisco’s 53-man roster for season 2015.
AFTER THAT: The story will continue to run until it hits the ground.
Just a friendly heads up.
Photo: Doug Pensinger via Getty Images.