Jarryd Hayne Fumbles Again, 49ers Continue Run Of Poor Play

The San Francisco 49ers are a complete mess at the moment.

With the team already struggling severely through the past couple of weeks, a rampaging Green Bay Packers outfit – the clear early season class of the NFC (and perhaps the league) with Aaron Rodgers making another big push for MVP honours – was the last team they needed to face this week.
But even despite the Packers play – which was excellent, particularly from their oft-maligned defence who kept San Francisco out of the endzone on the march to a 17-3 victory – the Niners worst enemy turned out to be themselves.
And our poor m8 Jarryd Hayne copped the absolute worst of it.
Hayne again only saw a minimal handful of snaps on-field, standing back for three punt returns – putting in a longest carry of 6 yards.
But true to the Niners form, it was this comical display from Hayne’s blockers that lead to their ugliest play of the day.
With Hayne back to receive a punt – one that he called fair catch on – his teammate LJ McCray crashed into him, causing the ball to bounce of Hayne’s falling body and bouncing out live.
Though the Niners did cover the ball up tighter than the lid on a pickle jar, avoiding turning it over in the process, it was that comedy of errors that just about summed up San Francisco’s day.
Well, that and Packers linebacker/resident beast Clay Matthews stomping all over SF QB Colin Kaepernick all game long.
First of all taunting him with his own signature celebration move…

…and then dropping this stinging verbal jab all up on him.

Got ‘immmmmm.

The 49ers fall to a worrying 1-3 early season record, whilst the (almighty) Pack maintains a spotless 4-0.
Photo: Michael Zagaris via Getty Images.