Japan’s World Cup Fans Stick Around After Huge Loss To Clean Up The Stadium

Proving once again that they’re the most respectful and lovely football fans in the whole world, supporters of the Japanese team SAMURAI BLUE took time after their recent game against Belguim at the World Cup in Russia to help clean up the stands in the stadium.

Japan got knocked out of the big game with a huge 3-2 upset from Belgium overnight, and despite the devastating loss, punters for the Japanese side took it upon themselves to stay back after the final whistle to clean up not only after themselves but everyone else, too.

Truly, fans of the Japanese team are some of the kindest and best in the game. Don’t argue with me on this, because it’s good and correct.

After images cropped up on Twitter of the fans taking bags of trash out of the stands after the game, it was pointed out that this isn’t some special behaviour isolated to the World Cup; it’s pretty typical for people of Japan to clean up after themselves, no matter where they are. They live that ‘leave no trace’ life every damn day and now just when they’re off at an environmentally-conscious bush doof, folks.

Plus they’re wearing cute little hats! Look at that frog one!

And it wasn’t even the fans who were deeply respectful of their surroundings, can we please acknowledge how impeccably tidy the changerooms of Team Japan were after they left the grounds? Look at it! The place is SPOTLESS, you could eat a full meal off those benches.


Let’s get a closer look at that changeroom there.

Excuse me!!!! (Credit: Twitter.)

The sign and the tiny origami! I’m sorry I cannot deal with how precious this is.

If there’s anything we can learn from these fans and this team is that it’s great to be gracious in defeat, be respectful of where you take up space, and take your damn trash with you.

They might not be champions of the international competition this year, but my god they’ve won the World Cup of my heart.