He might be tearing up courts across the NBA en route to what should be the most one-sided MVP discussion in quite some time, but unbeknownst to just about everyone, if James Harden makes it to Melbourne for this year’s blockbuster Boomers vs Team USA double-header, it won’t actually be the first time he’s hooped on Australian soil.

Turns out a few offseasons ago, Harden made a quiet entrance into Australia on a personal trip and spent some time hanging out in Sydney. While there, he casually showed up to some kid’s 14th birthday party and decided to put on a bit of a clinic.

Yes, this is legit.

Yes, we absolutely have exclusive footage of it.

Professional basketballers crossing up and raining threes on children never, ever stops being anything less than truly funny. This is the creed we live our lives by.

As it turns out the star Houston Rocket’s birthday party crashing wasn’t exactly done by chance; FAN+, a fan experience startup founded by ex-Sydney Kings boss Rod Harys, made the connection and brought Harden to blow out both the candles, and the lights.

That’s certainly more entertaining than your average clown or magician, to be sure.

Whether Harden suits up on Australian soil for Team USA this year remains to be seen. But even if he doesn’t, you now know his 3P% on Australian soil is already sky high.

That’s MVP behaviour for you, folks. You simply cannot teach it.