Man, I love irony, but not as much as I love seeing homophobic degenerates get exactly what’s coming to them, like that insufferable Izzy Folau.

Yesterday it was announced that the ousted player was making a return to rugby league with a one-year contract with the Catalan Dragons.

The news was immediately met with controversy, with Super League chief executive Robert Elstone suggesting “the decision to sign him lets down many people connected to our sport”.

Meanwhile the RFL insisted “the moral responsibility for deciding whether to sign a player sits with individual clubs.”

Shitty news, right? Wait, it gets better.

Shortly after the announcement, Wigan confirmed they will use their home game against Catalans to honour the LGBTQIA+ community, meaning Folau will be forced to play a match in support of the very people he lost his job fighting against.

Warriors executive director Kris Radlinski said: “Here at Wigan Warriors we are committed to the core values of inclusion and respect.

“Our community foundation have a long history of supporting local LGBTQ+ groups and initiatives, and we want everyone who engages with our game to feel welcome, valued and, most of all, respected.

“Rugby league has a strong history of inclusion, of breaking down barriers and of being a forward-thinking sport.

“I think that today more than any day that it is vitally important we reiterate that message. We’re looking forward to working with charities, local and hopefully national groups, to make this day a success.”

Forget silver linings, I call this one a rainbow-coloured lining.

Image: Getty Images