It’s The 2013 NRL Grand Final Drinking Game!

Happy NRL Grand Final Day, everyone! And we couldn’t be the fearless strayans that we are without presenting to you, dear punters, a drinking game to perfectly match the heady emotions, coffee table-flipping, vain victory facebook statuses and one night of permissible, cuss-filled yelling that will so enthral us tonight. If you’re like me and couldn’t particularly care squat about sport but both a) have a life-threatening case of FOMO and b) generally take the Lucille Bluth approach to drinking at every opportunity, then you’re in luck! All you have to do is drink when you feel like it, the crowd cheers (or boos) or when you’re exceptionally proud of yourself for saying something vague and non-committal like “Hustle!” “You call that a kick?” or “That was an adequate point that team just scored!”
The game tonight will be an interesting face off between the Manly Sea Eagles and The Sydney Roosters – after a tense season, this year’s grand final is set to be a nail-bitingly close call. At the time of writing Sportsbet currently has tipped the Roosters at $1.70 and the Sea Eagles at $2.20. 
And now: prepare your beverages of choice and get ready to play Pedestrian’s 2013 NRL Grand Final Bingo. The rules are simple, take two generous gulps every time something on our chart occurs, and if everything is crossed off by the end of the game (it won’t be. That Mighty Ducks reference is a hopeless, lost cause that potentially doesn’t even make sense), then, heck – we’re all winners.

Title image by Matt King via Getty.