A Change.Org petition to get Israel Folau booted off the fundraising platform GoFundMe has smashed its original target of 7,500 signatures, and is on its way to 10,000 this morning.

The wealthy former Wallabies star has asked for the public’s assistance in his upcoming court battle with Rugby Australia, after his multi-million dollar contract was torn up earlier this year.

The petition, which was started yesterday by Jay Taylor, asks:

“How is it fair that a man who has millions in property is allowed to ask for money to fight legal fees where he not only broke his contract but discriminated against many different people in the world saying it was based off religion[?] He is dragging the ARU and Christians through the mud.” 

Taylor also speculates that Folau may be in breach of the fundraising site’s rules, saying:

“The GoFundMe terms and conditions state that is prohibited to use their services to raise funds that contribute to any campaign with the explicit purpose of involving the legal defense of hate, discrimination, intolerance of any kind relating to sexual orientation, sex, gender or gender identity.”

Whether or not this proves to be the case, more than 8,500 people have already signed, slamming Folau for taking donations he doesn’t need, and demanding that he give any funds raised to worthier causes.

Please sign. Gofundme fundraisers should be about helping people not harming people.

Posted by LGBTI Rights Australia on Saturday, 22 June 2019