Ian Thorpe Answers ‘That Question’ In TV Documentary, Prefers His Redheads Silent

Ian Thorpe has gone on the record about his history of depression, his sexuality and which trans-Tasman Prime Minister he would “rather do” in an upcoming ABC1 documentary set to air next Sunday titled Ian Thorpe: The Swimmer – just in case there was any confusion and need for disambiguation.

According to The Telegraph, director Gregor Jordan’s documentary canvasses this year’s failed career resurgence, his bouts of depression at the depths of his financial troubles – what with all the sports drinks, tuna steaks, underwear and toiletries failing to sell – and, of course, who Thorpey likes to sleep with, which, because it’s not Fantastic Man, we can address here with a perfunctory: “Uh, women.”

In a surprisingly insightful turn of interrogation, when Jordan asks Thorpe whether he’d “rather do Prime Minister Julia Gillard or her former New Zealand counterpart Helen Clark” he responds “Julia, so long as she doesn’t speak.” And that probably says more than you ever thought possible about Ian Thorpe: The Swimmer and Ian Thorpe: The Douchebag.