Despite the fact that Lizzo dropping her ass to the damned ground while courtside at a recent LA Lakers game made for a massive improvement over Staples Center’s usual celebrity offering of Jack Nicholson looking like the last dim sim in the bain marie, a prevailing nastiness lingered in the aftermath as the derelict losers on the internet are wont to do.

Nevertheless, the support for Lizzo has outstripped any overt bullshit by leaps and bounds, and now she’s even gotten an open invite from the Houston Rockets, of all teams, to come get absolutely loose with them in the heart of Texas.

The Rockets extended Lizzo an open invite on social media this morning, telling her she’s welcome to come twerk on the court with the team’s Clutch City Dancers any time she wants.

Lizzo, being the enterprising sort that she is, very quickly accepted.

While she was taken with Karl-Anthony Towns of the Minnesota Timberwolves while at the Lakers game, this new development opens up a world of possibilities.

There’s no KAT-comparable tall drink of water on the roster as such, be do we ship Lizzo and James Harden having a very torrid three-month fling? You bet your goddamned ass we do.

Shoot your damned shot, Queen.

Image: Getty Images / Allen Berezovsky