Our Top Tips To Host A Big Ol’ NFL Party And Watch The Big Game In Style

Maybe you’ve got a keen interest in all sports. Maybe you’re just a big fan of all things USA. Maybe you just like to have a bev (or four) with your mates.

Either way, any excuse will do to throw a big party and when you’re probably all gonna be watching the big game anyway, you might as well do it in style.

It’s so much more than just switching the TV on – this is an EVENT, people. The Super Bowl is the biggest game of the year, so fans better get into the zone and prep their parties. Besides, it’s the one game that you can rope your non-sporty friends into coming and watching – even if all they do is sit there confused while downing inordinate amounts of fried food and Frank’s Redhot sauce.

Keep your guests full of the good stuff

Look I don’t need to tell you that parties are made and broken by the calibre of the food on offer. This is just common sense, and yes I have departed parties before in search of a better spread – so don’t get cocky and think that your mediocre packet of chips in a bowl is going to cut it this time around.

If you want to truly treat your taste buds while your eyes are glued to the game, you’re gonna wanna go authentic. Opt for a big ol’ bucket of chicken wings (yep, slathered in RedHot sauce, obviously), as well as hot dogs, sliders and basically every American food you can think of – and yes, that means nachos with LOTS of cheese.

When it comes to washing it down, it’s pretty obvious that American beers are the way to go. Budweiser is obvs the main choice, but we’ll allow Coors, Bud Lite or Corona – and ginger beer for the non-alcoholic drinkers. It’s only right.

Give the room some atmosphere

Set up is paramount to true enjoyment – you don’t want people milling about because you didn’t get enough seats, and you want your guests to know IMMEDIATELY what they’re walking into. SO naturally, decorations and room arrangement are next on the list.

First things first: colours. The Los Angeles Rams are blue, white and gold (they’re also wearing their throwback uniforms for the game, so prep your jersey accordingly); the New England Patriots are red, white and blue. Split your room into two halves and decorate accordingly. That way you’ll have all the Rams banded together while Tom Brady’s fan club is as far away from them as possible.

Then it comes down to set-up. If you’re feeling like going big, here’s my best suggestion: forget the TV. Hang up some blackout curtains and clear a wall so you can use a projector and watch the game in its full glory as nature intended. Make sure there’s enough seating (cushions and rugs will do if you’re packing everyone in) and lean in to all the ambiance.

Pack away all your good shit

Look, sport parties can get a little raucous at the best of times but when you add in the fact that you’ve plied everyone with drinks, adrenaline will be running even higher – it’s a recipe for enthusiasm, sure, but it’s also a recipe for worrying about your breakables.

If the last few games have been any indication, with results coming down to the wire and some frankly appalling referee calls, we’re pretty damn sure that things will get seriously heated – and that’s without factoring in the RedHot sauce.

So it goes without saying, pack away all your breakables. Seal them in a lockable room, far away from the cheers and boos of your sports-mad mates who don’t know their own strength. Your valuables will absolutely thank you later.

Supplement the Big Game with a drinking game

We all know that the NFL is a game of stops and starts, but never a shortage in entertainment. There are the ads to consider, and the half time show (performed this year by Travis Scott, Maroon 5 and Big Boi), but another element you must consider is the abundance of drinking games.

They can be team-specific (drink every time the opposition scores), game-specific (drink whenever the coverage pans over the crowd), or heck, even just totally arbitrary and situational (finish your drink if your phone goes off mid-game). But go for the fun ones – drink every time Chris Collingsworth say’s “here’s a guy” or when The Gronk catches something impossible.

As long as you’re responsible, it’s awesome. If you feel like amping it up, add in a few dares – if the opposition scores, eat a spoonful of hot sauce. Heat up the stakes a little.

All in all, you’re there to celebrate the big game with all your mates, so it’s bound to be a good time. Just go hard at it and support your team – because this is the one time of the year that everyone gets invested in NFL. Don’t waste it.