Okay. You’ve all seen that picture of Michael Phelps looking like he’s planning exactly where to hide rival Chad le Clos‘s body, right? The one where he’s gone full Sith Lord? The face that spawned a thousand memes?

Because Olympics media rights are tight as shit, we can’t actually show you the face (it’s from NBC‘s coverage). But if you REALLY haven’t seen it, it’s this one.

All caught up?

Good, because someone got that face tattooed on their leg and we all just need to take a second to appreciate how ridiculous that is.

Now please just take a second to imagine that face staring at you while you’re… idk, lying on the beach next to this bloke. Or out for a jog. Or muzzing out at 3 in the afternoon trying to use the remote while you’ve got orange Cheezels goo all over your hands and old mate Phelps is just over there on your buddy’s leg, glaring.

The tatt was inked over at Chronic Ink in Toronto, according to the tweet from CBC.

So, so not even in Phelp’s home country. Canada.

We’ve reached out to Chronic Ink to find out more, but meanwhile we’re putting this down as the 2nd most ridiculous tattoo, after that dude who a tattoo of Donald Trump choking on a dick.

Source: CBC Olympics.

Photo: CBC Olympics.