Holly Holm Banked $1,100 For Every Second Of 6-Minute Rousey Smackdown

Knocking Ronda Rousey on her ass in one of the biggest upsets in UFC history has given opponent Holly Holm‘s bank account a very healthy cash injection.
Rousey’s usual fight salary is rumoured to be well into seven-figures (that’s with pay-per-view percentages factored in), versus Holm’s typical haul of $25,000 + a $25,000 victory bonus, BUT standard payments are supercharged for fights against RR; one of her most recent opponents made $100K just for having balls enough to share a ring with her.
And that fee doubles in the unlikely event of a victory. A victory like this one:
Welllllll, The Tele has crunched the numbers and figure that – if Holm was paid along the same lines – she walked away with $330,000 for six minutes of grunt in Sunday’s UFC 193 event.
That works out to roughly $1,100 for every SECOND she was in the ring whipping Rousey’s ass.
Add to that a $100K bonus for claiming both fight of the night and performance of the night at Melbourne showdown and you’ve got one very smug Holm.
Add to THAT inevitable sponsorship deals to come from her epic victory and you’ve got this:
A $330K-or-thereabouts payout loses some of its shine compared to the $$$ Rousey and other fighters bring in, but it ain’t bad for the underdog.
Holm is still wrapping her head ’round the win, posting to Instagram that she’s struggling to “take it all in” – as ya would be, in a David v. Goliath sitcho such as this.

Best feeling in the world. Still trying to process and take it all in. There aren’t enough words to express what I am feeling. Thank you @ufc for the opportunity and most of all thank you to my team for believing in me. All the hours in the gym and all the years of dedication to help me get to this moment. This is a priceless moment and I could not have done this on my own. @mmacoachwink its been 17 years and one hell of a ride. Let’s see where it goes from here! Greg Jackson and @izzystylewrestling … My transition to mma would not be possible without you. All of the coaching and teammates @jacksonwink_mma …… You are my family and love you all so much! I only hope to make you proud and be a good champion. And to all of my fans….. I would not be able to live the dream without you. Much love to you all!! Big hugs to everyone! #ANDNEW ??

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Via The Daily Telegraph.