Hit The Waves With One Of Our Best Up-And-Coming Pro Surfers

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Jack Freestone is on a roll. Breaking his way into the surfing world and winning the trials to make his way in the Quicksilver Pro Snapper Rocks, 2015 is looming as a watershed year for Freestone as his pro surfing career begins to take off.
He’s a young man on the cusp of great things, but still remains humble and keen to soak up all of the things that this funny little life throws at him. And to do so alongside superstar GF Alana Blanchard. We should all be so damned lucky.
We were able to grab Jack for a few seconds during his busy schedule to have a quick chat about life experiences, love, and what staring down your heroes without blinking feels like.
What are you frothing right now?
Basketball is a must right now so many good games to watch!
Describe the moment you took out the world championship?
I didn’t really feel anything. Just was shocked that I won.
Can you describe it using emoji?
If there was a song to describe that moment, what would it be?
Drake – “Trophies
If you weren’t surfing what would you be doing?
I would open a café and probably be an Uber driver.
What is the one thing you never want to experience?
What is an experience you would want to collect?
Sitting ringside next to my girl, Jay-Z and Beyoncé watching Manny Pacquiao knock Floyd Mayweather out!

What is an experience you will never forget?

Coachella. I had a life changing experience. It was my 21st i was with my best friends, it was a spectacle with all walks of life coming together through music.

Is surfing more competitive on the land than in the water?

For me no, what happens in the water stays in the water. Surfing heats is a part of my life and one I really enjoy, but the competitiveness isn’t something I take back on land with me. I like to keep my life as simple as i can out of the water.

Has travelling changed you at all?

Yes for sure, I have been able to see and experience many cultures, seen a lot of poverty but i have also seen communities existing happily in their simplicity. It makes me really appreciate what i have at home.

Any advice to people wanting to quit their day jobs and follow their passions?

Go for it! It doesn’t mean its going to be an easy road, but it is good to live with no regrets..

How do you want to be remembered?
Every time someone thinks of me they have a smile on there face.
How did you and Alana Blanchard meet?
In Bali surfing Canggu.
How do you and Alana make long distance work and maintain a relationship when you travel for a living?
We always make it a must to see each other and we trust each other a lot. That’s what a long distance relationship needs.
Keep up to date with Jack and his burgeoning career by following him on Instagram.
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