PEDESTRIAN.TV partnered up with Red Bull Flugtag to get you prepped for this year's Flugtag challenge.

Before we tell ya what ‘Flugtag’ actually is, we thought we’d let some folks in Sydney try to explain it to you.

Explanations were extremely varied, with some thinking it’s a type of medical anomaly (it’s not) while others assumed it was an odd drinking game (also wrong). Take a squiz at randos giving it their best crack below:

What The Floog Is Flugtag?

We asked a bunch of randos to define "Flugtag" and damn people have some imaginations. Sign up to fly P.TV's Red Bull Flugtag flying machine here:

Posted by on Thursday, 31 May 2018

So just to clarify, Flugtag isn’t a “weird vegetable” (although I’d 10/10 eat it if it was). It’s a hectic competition where crews of four create a home-made flying machine and launch themselves off a 6-metre stand before inevitably copping a face full of water.

TL;DR: Flugtag is German for ‘flight day’. The more you know.

Showmanship, creativity and how far you can fly are all taken into account when teams are judged, so go hard or go home wet and sad.

This year, Red Bull Flugtag is going down at Mrs Macquarie’s Chair in Sydney on November 10. That gives you bulk time to start prepping your flying machines and overcome your fear of heights.

If you and a mate wanna experience an all expenses paid trip to Sydney to compete in Red Bull Flugtag (and assist in building a custom-built vessel), chuck yo’ deets in the form below:


Head here if you need to brush up on everything Red Bull Flugtag-related, including T&Cs.

Go for gold, amigos.

Image: Red Bull / Flugtag