Hiccups Anthem Kid Has Virality Immortalised With Adorable Custom Jersey

Things could have gone so, so badly for lil’ Ethan Hall when his hiccups so famously kicked up during his rendition of the national anthem last month. A steely resolve and a resilient set of pipes saw our little mate through though, and he’s now picked up some keepsakes to go along with the stacks of praise he received.

Taking to the field again ahead of yesterday’s Adelaide Bite game, Ethan was presented with a personalised Bite jersey, with – duh – ‘Hiccups’ emblazoned on the back. 

It’s a savvy move by the team too, as there’s obviously enough room for the young gun to grow into; we’re not saying the whole deal will be something he clings to for life, but we’re not *not* saying it, either. At least, we’d be pretty chuffed if we delivered under similar circumstances. 
To top it all off, he even had to face the pressure of delivering the first pitch. Hiccups have obviously conceded defeat, ’cause he nailed that, too. Seriously. Straight down the line.

Forget the jersey, Adelaide – sign the kid the hell up.

Get based below:


Story: Yahoo 7 Sport.
Image: Yahoo 7 Sport.