Had a bit on today? I can 100% guarantee you that literally everyone employed by either the AFL or an AFL club has had more.

2pm this afternoon marked the deadline for paperwork to be filed in the AFL Trade Period, and as the sun rose on the final day of trading there was still a laundry list of potential deals waiting to be done.

And hooley fkn dooley, did they ever get done.

Put this in perspective: In the just-under-two-weeks prior to today, a grand total of 14 trades for players and draft picks got done. Between 10:00am and 2:00pm today, TWENTY FIVE more were completed. In four hours. Roughly one trade being filed and completed ever 9.6 minutes.

In all the confusion, much-lauded but bung-knee’d Gold Coast gun Jaeger O’Meara finally landed at Hawthorn, Richmond great Brett Deledio found a new home at the GWS Giants, and draft picks (both current and future) were flung all over the place.

It’s arguably one of the biggest single-day shakeups in the history of the AFL, and it really has to be seen to be believed.

Cop all this into your footy-mad faces, why don’t you:

  1. Gold Coast gets picks 35 & 43 from the Western Bulldogs for 26 & 80.
  2. Gold Coast gets forward/ruck Jarrod Witts from Collingwood for picks 44 & 80.
  3. North Melbourne gets small forward Nathan Hrovat, a future third round, and future fourth round draft pick from the Western Bulldogs for a future third round, and a future fourth round draft pick.
  4. Fremantle gets forward Shane Kersten from Geelong for pick 63.
  5. Geelong gets defender Zach Tuohy and a future second round draft pick from Carlton for Billie Smedts, pick 63, and a future first round draft pick.
  6. Richmond gets Josh Caddy and pick 56 from Geelong for picks 24 and 64.
  7. GWS Giants get picks 39 and 52 from Sydney for pick 31.
  8. Gold Coast gets midfielder Jarryd Lyons and pick 71 from Adelaide for picks 43 and 67.
  9. GWS Giants get picks 57 and 59 from Melbourne for half-forward Pat McKenna and picks 51 and 69.
  10. West Coast gets ruck Nathan Vardy from Geelong for pick 72.
  11. Western Bulldogs get key forward Travis Cloke from Collingwood for pick 76.
  12. Essendon gets key forward James Stewart from GWS Giants for pick 77.
  13. Geelong gets forward Aaron Black from North Melbourne for pick 92.
  14. Collingwood gets midfielder Will Hoskin-Elliot from GWS Giants for a 2017 second round draft pick.
  15. Brisbane gets defender Jack Frost and pick 76 from Collingwood for a future third round draft pick.
  16. Collingwood get defender Lynden Dunn and pick 51 from Melbourne for pick 47.
  17. North Melbourne gets defender Marley Williams from Collingwood for pick 105.
  18. Hawthorn gets midfielder Jaeger O’Meara from the Gold Coast for pick 10 and two future second round draft picks.
  19. Carlton gets picks 48, 66, and 70 from Hawthorn for a future second round draft pick (on-traded to Gold Coast for O’Meara).
  20. Carlton gets midfielder Rhys Palmer from GWS Giants for pick 135.
  21. St Kilda gets midfielder Koby Stevens, pick 61, and a future fourth round pick from the Western Bulldogs for pick 50 and a future fifth round pick.
  22. Carlton gets defender Caleb Marchbank, forward Jarrod Pickett, and a 2017 second round draft pick from the GWS Giants for picks 45, 58, and a future first round draft pick.
  23. GWS Giants get midfielder Brett Deledio from Richmond for a future first round draft pick and a future third round draft pick.
  24. Fremantle gets picks 35 and 71 from the Gold Coast for pick 73 and a future second round draft pick.
  25. Sydney gets picks 9, 19, and 49 from Port Adelaide for picks 14, 17, an 31.

Did you get all that? Good grief.

The O’Meara deal is particularly complex, and means Hawthorn, in effect, gave up picks 23, 36, and their 2017 first and second round draft picks in order to get him.

More to that, they submitted the paperwork with literal minutes to spare, leading to this genius little piece of internet:

Meanwhile poor ole’ Bryce Gibbs, who so desperately wanted to shift from Carlton to Adelaide, goes un-traded; now suffering the ignobility of having to suit up at Princes Park for at least one more season.

And that can really only make him feel one way…


Photo: Jason O’Brien/Getty.