Here’s How Fkn Footscrazy Melbourne Is Going Over The Western Bulldogs RN

In case you missed it (and if you somehow managed to, that’s actually wildly impressive), the Western Bulldogs are in to the 2016 AFL Grand Final, where they’ll face off against the Sydney Swans for the AFL Premiership.
That’s huge, firstly because the Bulldogs have only one flag to their name in their long suffering history, won way back in 1954. And secondly, because they’ve only appeared in a Grand Final one other time, in 1961.
That’s 55 years ago.
The last time the Bulldogs appeared in a VFL/AFL Grand Final, man hadn’t landed on the moon.
The last time the Bulldogs appeared in a VFL/AFL Grand Final, Sir Robert Menzies was the Prime Minister of Australia, and John F. Kennedy had only just taken office as the President of the United States.
The last time the Bulldogs appeared in a VFL/AFL Grand Final, The Beatles were still a full year away from releasing their first single.
It’s been a bloody long time between drinks for beleaguered Footscray fans, is what we’re saying.
So the fact that the Dogs are finally in the big one once again is cause for celebration enough. But that, combined with their Giant-killing (pun intended) run through the AFL Finals, the club’s no-fuss, working class attitude, and the fact that they somehow managed to keep Melbourne’s hopes of footballing glory alive in a year where it appeared almost certain to be a historic (if not thoroughly boring) all-Sydney Grand Final, has sent the Victorian capital into a pink fit.
Or a red, white, and blue one, if you will.
Several pubs have actually gone the whole hog and decked themselves out in Footscray colours, like the Railway Hotel in Bulldogs-turf Yarraville

Woof woof woof #westernbulldogs #myteam @westernbulldogs this pleases me #bemorebulldog #yarraville #melbswest

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…or the Savoy Tavern in the city, opposite Southern Cross Station.

The town is literally being painted ?????? @westernbulldogs #bemorebulldog #believemorebulldog

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This paint store in West Footscray also made good on its readily available materials to show some love to the Sons of the ‘Scray as well:

And hey! Why not a truck too?

Elsewhere, people all over the city have been painting their fences in Dogs colours as Saturday looms…

Malvern Road, Malvern East #BeMoreBulldog

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Grand final Melbourne #bemorebulldog #afl #melbourne

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The local federal MP Tim Watts was making his allegiances abundantly clear, in what’s probably going to be the only time the colour blue appears on his office windows.

Hell, even local legend/furniture seller extraordinaire Franco Cozzo is pumped for the Foot-a-scray Bulldogs.

Grand Final, Grand Final! GO Foot-es-cray! #bemorebulldog

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Franco’s even got a grand-a prediction for Saturday’s big game:

And if you thought we were gonna wrap this post up with anything other than pictures of dogs wearing Bulldogs merch, you’d be dead-set Foots-crazy.

My little princess ?? #bemorebulldog#redwhiteandblue @westernbulldogs

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Alfie wants to #bemorebulldog #upthedoggies #pomeranianpuppy #madpawspack ?????

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Seriously, gang. We’re not kidding. Melbourne is losing their ever-loving mind over those plucky Western Bulldogs right now. This one feels special, even to non-Dogs fans. You absolutely wouldn’t see pubs draping themselves in brown and gold for a Hawthorn Grand Final.
Sydney might have 56,000 members to their name, but come this Saturday the Bulldogs will just about have the whole of Melbourne behind them.

Photo: Greenkarn/Instagram.