Ronda RouseyBrazilianBethe Correia UFC 190

Here’s the KO moment:

Let’s see that from another angle:

Target  D E S T R O Y E D.

Some legend has already GIFed the entire fight, but being 34 high quality seconds too long, it’s a TOUCH too big to upload. Check it HERE.

Rousey (12-0) has now won 11 of her 12 fights in the first round. 34 seconds is ~almost~ taking it easy: she won her last two in 14 and seconds respectively.

This one is super effing sweet, because Correia went way, WAY below the belt in her pre-game smack talk, asking Rousey not to commit suicide if she lost the fight. Rousey’s father committed suicide when she was a child.

If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts or just want to talk to someone, contact Lifeline on 13 13 14 or visit