Here Is A Picture Of Meryl Streep And 50 Cent Being Best Friends At A New York Knicks Home Game

Like you, we foolishly assumed that Larry David no-facing it a few seats down from Nelly would be the most satisfying celebrity photo to ever be taken at a New York Knicks home game. 

How wrong we were; Meryl Streep sat next to 50 Cent at the Lakers vs Knicks in Madison Square Garden last night and formed the most adorable celebrity BFFs you could ever hope to be imaginary friends with.  
Look Meryl, we’re on the jumbotron! 

Meryl Streep is judging you. 
Go team!
Oh nothing, just making people’s minds explode. 

The pair were later pictured with injured Lakers guard Kobe Bryant, documenting the first, last and only time all three of them were seen in a room together.

Get Oscars or die trying!
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Via Uproxx