The unexpected cutting of Jarryd Hayne from the San Francisco 49ers roster has caused waves of confusion in the team’s new Aussie fan contingent, but experts and long-time supporters alike have also questioned the team’s decision.

Colin Scotts, the second ever Australian to play in the NFL, labeled the move as “devastating.”

Scotts, who played for the Arizona Cardinals, claimed last year that Hayne had a “zero point one chance of making it.” Since then, and following from Hayne’s blistering pre-season performances, Scotts’ stance on the player’s prospects eased. 

Talking to Fox Sports News, he said the problems were deeper than Hayne’s middling showings this season, and that he had become the team’s scapegoat.

“He was excelling in all expectations, and you throw him out there in one or two plays and, yes he’s made a mistake.” 

“To the 49ers, I’m sorry, but I’m disgusted in you.”

Sports writer Tim Kawakami also took on the issue, asking what the point of cutting Hayne was in light of the obvious effort the 49ers put into his preseason. 

In the midst of dealing with Antipodean fans’ immense disappointment, American supporters have by-and-large damned the player’s downgrade on the team’s subreddit. One user described the team as a “dumpster fire”, while another claimed “Hayne really was the only thing that kept my spirits up during this really shirty (sic) year. 

“That amazing preseason, no matter what caliber of player he was going up against, showed flashes of pure brilliance… I am torn between wanting Hayne to move onto a less dysfunctional team that can truly utilize his obvious talents and hoping he makes the practice squad because of his obvious upsides.”

Twitter has witnessed some similar sentiments, with fans equally confused by 49ers’ management. 

Despite the recent turmoil, Hayne’s Australian agent Wayne Beavis doubled down on the player’s commitment to the NFL in a brief statement, saying “there’s no chance of him coming back [to Australia], none at all.” 

It’s yet to be seen if Hayne will be picked up by another team or if he’ll drop to the 49ers practice squad, but it is comforting to know we’re not the only ones torn up about the Hayne Plane’s unexpected landing.

Story via Newscorp.

Image: Ezra Shaw via Getty.