I’m not much of a golf fan, folks. I’ve played a total of two (2) games in my life and both got very boring once the beer in the cart ran out, so it’s safe to say I find watching the sport insanely mindnumbing unless you’re pulling off the kind of Happy Gilmore-esque trick shots like the one below.

Professional golfer, Jerry Kelly, was competing in the final round of the PGA Tour Champions‘ Mitsubishi Electric Championship when he inadvertently used a bunch of rocks to bounce the ball onto the green during his second shot on the 7th hole at Hawaii‘s Hualalai Golf Club.

The best part is Kelly didn’t even expect it to happen, because he curses the shot shortly after he takes it, but like the winning shot from comedy movie, Happy Gilmore, it just hits all the right places, setting up the third shot brilliantly, which old mate sunk for an eagle (finishing a hole 2 shots under par).

Have a look at the clip below.

Fuck yeah, send it, brother. Kelly ended up tieing for third place in the comp, finishing 14-under. If shots like that happened more often, I’d absolutely watch golf. Maybe they should add some obstacles to the course to spice things up.

It’s a shot Chubs would be proud of.

Image: Happy Gilmore