GWS, Who Already Has A Bloke Named Sausage, Just Traded For One Called Sauce

With tomorrow’s deadline suddenly looming quite large, the handbrake has been thrown off the AFL’s really quite silly Trade Period, with the GWS Giants now suddenly sporting inarguably the beefiest ruck lineup in all the AFL.

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As one of the many, many clubs leading a raid on the apparent ocean of folks fleeing the Adelaide Crows as fast as they humanly can, the Giants today secured the services of somewhat out-of-favour ruckman Sam Jacobs, sending a future fourth-round draft selection back to the Crows in return.

Nothing terribly out of the ordinary about that, and it’s certainly not going to be a trade that has huge ramifications on the immediate future of either club. However, it’s the nicknames involved that make this trade as sizzling hot as a Bunnings snag.

GWS already sports Shane Mumford as its number one ruck, and that bloody meat castle of a bloke carries with him the nickname Sausage.

On the other hand, thanks to his wispy ginger scone, Jacobs comes packing the nickname Sauce.

One club.

Two ruckmen.

Sausage and Sauce.

Together at long, long last.

We’re not the only ones that sniffed out that delicious coupling almost instantly, either.

The good part about all this is that owing to Jacobs’ form and his veteran status, it seems unlikely that the Giants will have to pay extra for Sauce.

2020 for the Giants: Already looking a little sizzly.