Much in the same way a sick child provides his teacher with a doctor’s certificate, Grant Hackett has sent the Daily Telegraph photographic evidence of his highly infected throat to justify a visit to hospital.

The former Olympian yesterday admitted himself to Pindara Private Hospital in Queensland for day surgery, just days after tweaking the nipple of a fellow passenger on a domestic flight.

While Grant’s manager refused to offer any detail on the reasons for his hospital stay, Grant himself wasn’t willing to risk any speculation that he was seeking treatment for anything related to the nipple-cripple – and so sent the Daily Tele a rank photo of the pusy growth at the back of his throat.

Family members say he’s been suffering from a condition called uvulitis: the severe swelling of the small piece of tissue that hangs in the back of your throat, usually caused by infection, injury or an allergic reaction.

Fair warning, the happy snap is pretty gross. You put your toast down? Ok, good.

“The growing thing in my mouth… Puss everywhere now,” he told the paper.

Swimming Australia head coach Jacco Verhaeren has said he was unaware of Hackett’s illness, but that his discomfort may go a ways toward explaining why he blew a fuse on the flight en route to the Gold Coast.

“I don’t know if the two things are related but he hasn’t had a great week so far, so I really hope that he gets well,” he said.

Us too. Just no more pics, k.

Source and photo: The Daily Telegraph.